Born and raised in Albany, Georgia, Jackie began her career as an artist in grade school. Like many of her peers, she enjoyed art class and recess the most out of the day. Little did she know that this would be her passion in lifeā€¦art that is. Not recess of course!

After high school, Jackie pursued her love of art at the Savannah College of Art and Design with no specific major in mind. As long as it was creative, she wanted to do it. She chose fashion design in hopes of moving to New York City, the mecca of up and coming artists.

The plan fell into place, and she moved up to NYC directly after college. No time was wasted in getting a job as a designer in accessories for Betsey Johnson.

She encountered many new artists in the area, one of wich taught her the basics of model making for jewelry. This became her main hobby outside of her design job because it required more hands on opportunities and instant gratification upon seeing the finished product.

Finally, her website has been created to show off all her new creations with help from a lot of great friends that were able to move to NYC from SCAD with her.

a shot of the artist